Canadian Eh? [1/4 Craft][Door Share][Oxide][Sleepers]

A Canadian server with friendly admins. Our admins play the same way anyone else does.
Go ahead and raid admin bases for everything without worrying about getting a ban because of it. (One of the reasons we started a server was to prevent ridiculous admin abuse)
All we encourage is the game be played as intended without cheats or exploits, and not to get upset when your base is inevitably raided :). There is room for a couple admins if someone so desires, but first needs to prove to be active on the server.

Server is new!
(Wiped 1/24/2014)


Don’t hack.

Server Connection:

Server Name: Canadian Eh? [Oxide][DoorShare][ActiveAdmins]
Server IP:

You can easily join the game by hitting F1 ingame and typing this in:


Server Settings:

Slots: 50 (will change when more active)
Airdrops: On
PvP: On
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: 1/4

Always open to suggestions for the server as well!

Will be resetting the server today for a fresh start…

about what time for server reset?

It depends if I can get enough new people to join. I don’t want them to feel behind if they do decide to join up.

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Server has been wiped! Join up :slight_smile:

cool i’ll check it out later today


server was just wiped


Switch server hosts - we have a brand new server up and running, no one is established yet


hope to see you there