Canadian Ground Forces pack

Hello everyone! As my other request is currently sinking in the deepest pit of this forum as we speak, I would like to address you, more particulary FloaterTwo(aka Kali), another request, this time on the form of a pack of the canadian army(the ground forces). You see, there is a lot of Muricans and Russians models on GMOD but there is no models from the Canadian army and other countries army. So know, I’m bringing this request because we need a bit of diversity on the matter. This pack will contains soldiers models(WITH the CADPAT, the desert camo we used in Afghanistan and the winter camo we use in winter), the weapons models and the vehicles. I will put the list of the army materials below. And an other thing, you can make helmets props(including the tactical vest) and every single weapons, vehicles and soldiers needs BODYGROUPS and, Kali, the vehicles have to be ragdolled. Thank you! :smiley:

Here’s the list(on Wikipedia):

i got you covered.

-here is an LSW

-various weapons**(Includes C7a2)**

and if you know how to use the ‘Easy Bodygroup Tool’ and ‘Extended Spawnmenu’

has the Canadian soldier pictured in the LSW workshop photos + some danish,german and austrian soldiers.

all textures done by me, all of the guns were done by me too.

that’s as far as i’ve done for the canucks

Thank you cheese!

I’m goign to send a message to Kali(FloaterTwo) for the vehicles. :slight_smile:

I’m actually surprised that the US Marines seem to take a lot of cues from Canada when it comes to designing equipment and vehicles, when you really compare the two.

I have modified the BF3 LAV-25 into a CAF Coyote and the BF3 Stryker MGS into a CAF LAV III as GTA IV mod.

could provide models if anyone wanted to convert them