Canadian Skybolt V2 (Missile silo)

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Launch and selection mechanism is pretty cool, but the missile itself isn’t so impressive. Try adding lead prediction and smooth out that “snap” between altitude gain mode and seeking mode, and you’ll be more in business. Because you’re using dupe to spawn the missiles, you can add in an airburst mode for AA use too. (or use propcore, it’s perfect for uses like this)

Agreed. Love the launch system, but not a huge fan of the missile. Its a bit snappy. Gradual turns would be better. I do top attack by flying to the target, but adding to the target Z based on the X+Y distance to the target from the missile. Thus, when the missile is far away, it acctually aims to a point well above the target. As the missile nears the target on X and Y, that target decreases in altitude until the missile is right on top of the target and the target Z becomes 0, hitting the target. I have an array based missile launcher that automatically launches small missiles and top attack guides them

Woah, Bill used PHX.

As others have said, the ‘silo’ is pretty effing cool. I personally like the missile just because I couldn’t do all too much better, but it does seems a bit snappy.

I use an speed-based X/Y distance threshold followed by time-based multiplicative vector blending, looks p cool dawg. I’ll share the chip when I get all the bugs out of it.

That’s a really clever idea… I’m going to try that out some time.
Have a spanner :3

This is really cool bro

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also yey pendulum