CanadianBill's Slot Machine

Awesome. AWESOME.
A W E S O M E .

I am afraid I just shit myself from the sheer awesomeness!

Also, first. <3


And for F’s sake did it need the 20 second intro? and WTF a 2 minute outro?
And GOD fix that music… She is warming my cold Jamaican heart with a cool latin beat… or something.

may have to do a physics one now…

I’m sorry it isn’t hardcore deathcore music. I don’t really like the 2nd song (singing ruins it), but it’s all I had on this computer.

I liked the intro and the first song in the video and the machine is good :v:

I don’t know, pretty average if you ask me

Never said I wanted deathcore. Just keep it upbeat and shorten it.

I agree. It’s really large, and couldn’t you think of something a bit more original that wire screens?

It’s meh.

I can actually shorten the width by like 1/2 a meter or so on each side, I just used those props and ended up not needing that much room. If it’s too small they can scam it.