Canadian's Munitions 2.0 (DarkRP Gunshop Contraption)

'Ello, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded videos, here’s my latest gunshop I made on my server/map.
I have at least two more contraptions to finish up and release videos for. Anyway, this was my first HD video and time using Adobe Premiere (which is a nice refresher from using Windows Movie Maker forever haha)

This is so fucking neat that I would consider this more art than engineering due to its imitation of the automation of human work. To grasp for a moment what is going on here in a bigger concept, we are actually watching an automated robot do the playing of a player in a virtual reality world. We have created machines that do the playing for us. We have outsourced ourselves. And we like it.

This is indeed brilliant. As someone who’s never been too attached to the more complicated contraption builds of Gmod, such as wire, e2 and all - holy fuck it makes me wana try it again.


God damn it Bill, you really show up anyone who just uses the oldschool Wire User + E2 vending machines.

this is fucking awesome