Canadian's Turf {DarkRP with 200 prop limit}

Canadian’s Turf is a DarkRP server that operates on gm_construct at IP We have many addons, i.e., Wiremod (SVN), PHX (SVN), Money Detector, and additional weapons/jobs! We do have “new life rule”, and everyone follows it, including admins. No one has an advantage… everyone, including all admins, have to earn their own money, buy their own guns, etc.

We have CSS realistic weapons, and the guns that are available to gundealers from shipments are as follows:

  • All Classic DarkRP guns
  • AUG
  • AWP
  • Famas
  • P90
  • TMP
  • Flashbang
  • Knife
  • Lockpick
  • Keypad Cracker
  • Suicide Knife

We also have custom jobs created by myself and Inthesis (my top admin.)

  • Bargainer
  • Swat (M16 + Deagle)
  • Judge
  • Hireable Bodygaurd (Fiveseven)
  • Police Locksmith (Battering Ram, Glock, Keypad Cracker, Lockpick)
  • Drug Dealer (Able to buy drugs)
  • DarkRP Classic Jobs (Mayor, cop, chief, gundealer, medic, hobo, etc.)

  • Anti-Noclip
  • Adv. Duplicator
  • Buoyancy Tool - Wire
  • Conna’s tools Pack
  • Door Stool
  • Keypad
  • No-collide Multi
  • Stacker
  • Prop Protection
  • Smart Freezer
  • Wiremod Extras
  • Parenting

All admins have played for at least a month, many above 3 months, and I have demoted some due to reported abuse. I do take any reports seriously. You can buy money for $20 USD, but before it’s bought I warn them that if they abuse, they are going to lose their privileges. Admins are on often, and there is a steam group that all admins are in so you can get ahold of them in case of an emergency.

:siren: IP: ** ** :siren:

Why would you even want cars in a map as small as gm_construct is…

  1. Do NOT d.m., get a target. Kill the target… only the target.
    Why get a target at all? Why not just passively roleplay.
    ** To kill the mayor, get hired as hitman, etc. **

  2. Contraptions such as homing missiles, or plates flying by expression is NOT allowed!
    Disable applyForce and/or v-thrusters/thrusters.
    ** People can use it applyForce for some RP stuff, like gunshops. **

  3. No massive detailed buildings, some detail is fine.
    If the prop limit is 200, how is that possible?
    Aren’t you supposed (I assume that’s what you would want…) to make small detailed stuff?
    Your rule also means that people can make big buildings, they just can’t have details. Kinda should be the opposite.

    ** Some people build big stuff. I don’t want a lot of detail in big stuff. If it’s a little shop, I don’t care about detail.**

    Disable it or don’t use DarkRP.
    ** It’s arrestable.**

  5. No exessively large bases. Only build what you need.
    ** You’d be surprised. **

  6. All “illegal” shipments are LEGAL. Only arrest them if they have the weapon IN HAND.
    Because in DarkRP, illegal stuff is legal!
    ** That’s why this is semi-serious, and if you don’t like it, don’t play **

  7. No holograms/holo emitters.
    Disable it.
    ** I use them myself for building shapes that won’t work sometimes with vanilla props. I allow that with MY concent **

  8. No E2’s that take up 700 ops.
    Are you kidding me? 5000 is a very low limit and it’s the default for a reason.
    Plus, you can just lower the limit with a simple console command.

    ** Some E2’s spike when they’re first spawned. **

  9. Do NOT remove/freeze cars that are being stolen. Chase them down/Call the cops.
    Disable physgun/toolgun on vehicles…
    ** Some people want to physgun it to build onto it. **

  10. No no-colliding/fading door vehicles
    Disable it.
    ** You cannot disable fading door vehicles **

  11. Do not pretend to be an admin.
    Err how is that even possible…
    ** Just saying you are an admin **

  12. Do not stick cameras inside of somewhere to see what it looks like or whatever.
    Disable cameras.
    ** People use cameras outside of their base for security. **

You cant fucking RP in gm_construct -.-

suddenly everyone leaves the server and never rejoins :smiley:

I tried to join, but it says the IP entered is invalid.

I tried to join, but it said I was banned. :bahgawd: