Cancelling Movement

Saw a few threads about altering input in the move hooks, but couldn’t figure out why disabling the jump/duck here works, but not moving left.
function GM:SetupMove(ply, moveData)
local buttons = moveData:GetButtons()
if, IN_JUMP) != 0 then
buttons =, bit.bnot(IN_JUMP))
if, IN_DUCK) != 0 then
buttons =, bit.bnot(IN_DUCK))
if, IN_MOVELEFT) != 0 then
buttons =, bit.bnot(IN_MOVELEFT))

I tried printing moveData:GetButtons() after I set them at the end and when I move left it prints 0 yet I still go left.

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It’s in a shared file by the way

Use GM:CreateMove(cmd) client-side.

data:SetMaxSpeed( 1 )
data:SetMaxClientSpeed( 1 )
data:SetVelocity( vector_origin )
data:SetOrigin( pl:GetPos( ) )

Should stop movement completely.

Gave me the same affect. I removed the SetupMove function to make sure.

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I just want to disable these few specific ones. I could just use cmd:ClearMovement() to stop all movement if I wanted to.