Candlejack has been suggested before but usually someone does the damn meme while asking.
I just want a Candlejack ragdoll/playermodel/whatever

Some images:

There’s also fan pictures of him all over the web, but essentially that’s the basic concept.


If someone were to do this I would greatly appreciate it, have a nice day.

I could’ve sworn I saw a model of Candlejack somewh

I would be very happy to see this.
Also how could you possible make it through that post without using the meme?

Someone DID make a Candlejack model, the link is her

dude, you forgot the link to the candlejack model in your post. it’s http://ww

scream-o-vision is fucking st

I was actually working on a model of him, but never got around to fini

A Candlejack model?
Why would anyone want a cand

This is such a dumb ide

You guys are being really helpful.

Any time something Candlejack related is mentioned, everyone does that stupid meme.

Yeah, i think we need a candlejack mo

Please stop with that meme, I was hoping this could be a serious request.

They’re doing it wrong anyway. You have to say the name to disappear. I see some idiots not saying it and doing the meme anyway.

In all seriousness, a…CJ model would be pretty sweet. Make for some awesome possibilities for comics and posing…

You guys did it wrong, you didn’t even say his name.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a model of said character.

Haha, I had completely forgot about this character and the Freakezoid show.
Brings out good memories.

It would be cool to have a model of this guy.

Yeah somebody made a model of him, but he wasn’t compiled or textured if I remember.

Guys, just stop with the meme and create/link to the Candlejack model, ok?

I mean seriou

Thats 10 people who made the candleja-

That was me, I started working on it but just kinda fell out of motivation to keep going on it.

you need to say his full name for it to work ugh