CanExitVehicle hook not working

hook.Add(“CanExitVehicle”, “StopYouCriminalScum”, function(veh, ply)

 if(veh:GetNWEntity("Prisoner") == ply) then

      return false



I don’t understand how something this easy is not working?
The hook in itself isn’t doing anything, I tried making a hook where it just prints “Hi” without an “if” statement and it still doesn’t return anything, I tried in normal half life vehicles and still nothing.
For now to avoid the player from escaping I just freeze them, but it kinda sucks because then they can’t look around.

Any idea?

Could your unique ID for the hook already be in use?

Dude no way someone used the same hook ID


God damn it you were right :-/
I spent so much time yesterday trying to find out what the problem was, I just changed the ID. I owe you one.