Canned and empty cans

It’s no secret that if you put the empty cans in the fire, then turn out metal fragments.
What is important at the initial stage of the game when it is important just to survive.

The game has now found a lot of canned food that can be eaten.
I wanted to do after eating canned food, get a blank bank.
Which can have disposed within at metal fragments.

This makes sense, +1

It used to works that way at one point. You’d eat something canned and be left with an empty can in your inventory. This was before you could smelt a can in your camp fire though. Then they removed that ability for whatever reason. Kind of like furnaces providing comfort. It was a feature that was advertised, added, and then just disappeared one day never to be spoken of again.

yes I agree it’s a great idea thanks for the suggestion man really appreciation thanks alot have a nice day nice job