Cannibalism and custom personalized map ideas

So I thought it would be fun if cannibalism would be added to the game so players could kill another for food; and gathering their bones and intestine as materials for use in crafting a bone bow or axe…
And by the way, wouldnt it be cool to give a player a skin sheet so they could draw their own map?

I don’t like the idea of cannibalism.

I don’t like the idea of a map.

Not at least until Rust is far enough along in development that it’s possible and practical for player-made cities to exist for any length of time, because then making maps between semi-permanent structures (like towns) fits perfectly.

I really think Cannibalism is a great idea.

I don’t know if using intestines and stuff is a bit morbid for the game, but, for example, using a skinning knife of a human corpse yields human meat. I love it.


cannibalism is the shit, ok.

Neither do I , but between starvation by death and a crunchy roasted leg of a naked dude with a rock , pass me the drumstick

Why cannibalism if food runs around a lot.

cos they are dangerous , hard to find in certain areas and hard to catch.
A naked dude with a rock ?
Not so much.

Ever been to Portugal or spain?

I’m for cannibalism… but… let’s give it a debuff if you do? Like make you slow(sick) for example?

Why would it tho?
Human flesh is a lot cleaner than wild animal flesh.
Less parasites , less pathogens that is unknown to your body , and is quite lean containing high amount of protein ,assuming he isn’t a fat 24 year old couch potato.

There are risk about being infected by Kuru / (Mad Cow disease) tho
So don’t eat the brain, chop off his head and impale it on a stick to scare away invaders

Maybe let slow(sick) animals?