Cannibalism in Rust

Wouldn’t it be really cool if there was cannibalism in Rust? It would be more of a survival game than it is now. Using each other as food and such lol

Yeah, but every meat is chicken anyway.

guys, you are really hungry :wink:

Could not disagree more. How does cannibalism create MORE of a survival need? Saying you would do something IF you had to to survive IRL, does not equate to making this a survival game.

Food is everywhere. You don’t need cannibalism to survive, therefore adding it does not have anything to do with survival at all. It’s only purpose would be to excite some mentally disturbed 15 year olds and make the game M or A/O.

** Please stop making these threads.**

Whats the point, ill just hatchet your dead body and get chicken anyways. Now im not a cannibal but a carnivore.

Pretty cool idea, but is unneeded, the food is all around us, the way i look at it is you chop their arm off and eat it, but if this does get implemented, you should get aids or something incurable.