cannibalism now available..

if this is real, i am soooooooooo happy XD

I really hope this is to bait animals…or else it’s just kinda dumb IMO, bones maybe but meat…come on…

meat is meat bro…especially when you is hungry and have a rock;D

great, give more reasons for players to kill fresh respawned players.

Screen shot for you

This puts a decision in the hands of a player:
… Loot the sleeper and keep on going
… kill and loot the sleeper, then harvest it’s bones.

This game seems to be all about enabling dick behavior. Not a lot of things to enable “nice” behavior. Nothing but the players conscience, actually.

Welcome to Rust. garry wants player-driven emergent gameplay to be a major factor in the game. Players get decisions to make instead of game rules automatically deciding the situation for them.

wow this is fucked. I love it. I wonder if it will have an effect on your character after eating too much?

But all the choices seem to be “be a dick this way or be a dick that way”.

Not saying it’s all bad, just that it is heavily weighted toward “dick”.

Maybe if we had a way to give flowers to folks, or some other random “nice” thing to offset the numerous way we have to screw someone’s day up.

You can always raid someones house and leave items instead of taking them… Most people are about their own survival. One reason that people kill lowbies that do not have much can be a simple fear that when they get what they need that will now become a threat.

Maybe this will help…

Right now, you can pickpocket anyone close enough, on experimental. A bug means you can loot living players, but it’s been left in.

You could give a sleeping lowbie clothing and food instead of killing him and taking his meat. Or just leave him be. It’s a decision you make when you come across a sleeper.

The option already exists to be nice; it’s always existed. And, as Rust gets further along and servers become more stable and develop their own populations, local reputations will start to matter a lot more.

OH YES! My cannibalistc cult will rule the world! :v:

I think it’s pretty same as irl.
If you help someone, you don’t get anything in return, other than the possibility of him repaying it later.
In Rust thats same. You can either stay away from everyone, safe but alone, or you can help people, and maybe make friendships or even aliances. Or get shot in the face. That’s the game

I guess I am just seeing all the fancy graphics and mechanics being built for murderous thug behavior and nothing for the opposite.

I have a hard time imagining what a non-dickish thing would be in-game.

The ability to bandage someone (without just tossing a bandage at them and letting them do it themselves) would be a step away from it.

I remember some noise about being able to drag bodies around… that could be used for good or evil.

Everything seems geared to messing folks up though, and it feels like the only way to not become a jerk is to choose to not use a game mechanic.

I see it this way because I have managed to just reach 1000 hours and only kill 1 person in-game (if you don’t count the hundreds of sleepers). I kinda like not being the KOS guy or the back-stabbing “friendly”. Just not many things to do if you don’t want to murder.

That said, I think the cannibalism and meat/bone harvesting is kinda neat. I’ll surely use these new things for good :slight_smile:

just like in real life it’s easy to be a prick, just letting someone live is being nice in rust,

but on the nice side there are a lot of things in rust that you can do.

to be nice offer food and shelter, help collect stuff, save a noob from wolves etc, show them round the map or help them build a new house,

with the new rust if they implement farming or fishing there will be a miriad of ways to help people, just cos the option is there to be annoying does not mean you have to use it.

SADLY Most people will.

How to be a dick in Rust: Kill fresh spawns, rob people, blow down bases, and now, pickpocket/cannibalize people.

How to not be a dick in Rust: Help fresh spawns, don’t rob people, only blow down bases if you’re feuding with someone, don’t pickpocket and don’t eat people.

The choices are there, it’s easy to not be a dick. Unfortunately in survival games that host all the creatures of the internet, the dicks will *probably *prevail, as there is strength in numbers, and a gun usually trumps dropped chicken.

You either die a nice guy, or live long enough to see yourself become the dick eating a novice.

Rust isn’t balanced yet, either. The game is far from finished.

Remember, tirpider, legacy Rust was only 10-15% of the way to the devs’ goals for Rust. Experimental is a complete fresh start on the codebase. A lot of features will be going in before we get to the end of the road.

I think of Rust as a survival FPS take on EVE Online’s emergent player-driven state, minus all the baggage from being the autistic spreadsheets in space game. In EVE, there is massive opportunity to be a dick to people, but eventually this becomes infeasible without either help, or changing tactics and a lot of luck. The game hasn’t driven away all of its players from giving players the potential to be jerks.

In fact, it’s the potential to be a jerk that has enabled some of the most amazing player-initiated events in gaming history, not just EVE history. Burn Jita was an incredible episode of months of planning and deliberate dev non-interference in the decisions of players playing within the rules of the game. The dissolution of Band of Brothers by an infiltrator from a rival alliance sent a huge amount of the in-game space into chaos by suddenly eliminating a huge political border through the universe’s map. None of these would’ve happened if GMs stepped in to punish the ‘jerk’ who wasn’t breaking any actual rules.

heh, yes. I die a lot.
I see myself using the corpse harvesting, even as I try to play “nice guy”.
I’ll probably save the human meat to offer to hungry strangers.

@elixwhitetail: I do realize it’s in development. Here, like on the rest of the board, my posts are just me thinking out loud.
I offer my perceptions in earnest that they may or may not be deemed useful insight from a player.
Nothing I say say should be perceived as “ZOMG they need to do this or Rust sux”.
Quite the opposite. I love watching folks build on their ideas in their own way and I really dig this game and the way that garry and company are presenting it.