So, everything about the Alpha seems pretty good. I actually do really enjoy Rust. But a thought keeps coming to me; all these people running around starving nearly to death, why not implement cannibalism? This is a caveman-esque survival game in a post-apocalyptic world, right? So how come cannibalism isn’t an option? If this has been suggested or will be implemented already, I didn’t see any notes about it, but if it hasn’t, I think it’s something that should be added to the game. Everyone already kills each other anyway.

You sir, scare me. This ain’t silence of the lambs man.

Good idea but maybe you’d be sick from eating human meat.

Yes. The benefits are two-fold. Remove a dead body from the area to remove evidence and gain chicken.

Wouldn’t be a terrible idea considering you probably see more players than animals, but it’s also a good way to get Rust featured on every news publication in history.

I actually thought about this whilst running from a bear. “Hmmm, to bad I can’t eat the other players…”

place sleeping bag, suicide, harvest your own corpse for food.

rinse, repeat, never starve again

Anyone here played Shores of Hazeron?
The funniest thing about that game was killing the tutorial guy and making food and clothing out of him.

I have nothing against adding this feature.

I would love to see this implemented. A few times when running naked through the dark, freezing and near starved to death I have found myself wanting to eat my fellow man. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I see the scenario of two savages starving around a night time camp fire, eyeing each other off and getting ready to make their move!
Nom nom nom!

Also if seasons were ever introduced that lowered animal spawns in winter, say, then those camps without ample food might turn on each other. Hahaha, that I’d love to see!
Cannibalism is cool.

“Rust made me become a cannibal IRL!”
It always makes me laugh when people blame video games for real life tragedies, but that’s an argument for a different time.

i don’t think so since someone might do it in real life and then blame the devs of rust . Still a pretty good idea

Kenshi is bringing in canabalism ;). I dont see why it would be a problem. I mean you can already run around naked and bash someones skull in with a rock lol.

I think about this too when I can’t find any animals.

I thought about this too, seeing a bunch of naked corpses next to a campfire, my belly aching with hunger, it’s just too inviting to give the corpse a slight push right into the fire… Omnomnom.

Also some of these zombies look quite vital, I wondered about the taste of their flesh too.