You are naked. You are hungry. You are carrying primitive stone weaponry and for the life of you, you cannot find a pig, nor a chicken.

But there is a guy over there. Maybe he is bashing a tree with a rock, maybe he is sleeping, maybe he is running up to you asking if you have any food. You don’t care, you just need to eat. And he is starting to look tasty.


In a true life or death survival situation this is an option. In a murdery post apocalyptic survival future it would be a real possibility. I think that making others a potential source of food creates some interesting mechanics for conflict in the early game. Overall I think I would like to see the easy ways to kill each other nerfed (military weapons) but the reasons and motives for conflict increased. When everyone is a potential snack, it adds another layer to the interactions.


  • Suicide should not lead to meat as this could be exploited.
  • There might need to be some other limit to stop people from just killing each other in base repeatedly for meat.
  • Human meat should be called “Long pig”.

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