Cannons! is an addon that lets you create customizable medieval/pirate-style cannons. They can undo welds and freezes, and even ignite, char, and destroy props.

This orginally started as a “hey, that’d be neat” project for a few of my friends, but I’ve decided to polish it up and release it.

Other Screenshots: - Loading a wired cannon. - What now?

Video! (Click here for a dupe of the ship)


SVN Download (recommended) (Current Version: 1.05)
The SVN will have every update I make, no matter how small. This is updated MUCH more frequently than any other download. If you have any existing version of the addon, delete it. Create a new folder called “cannons” in addons and checkout with these details:

Make sure your checkout URL starts with 'http://' and not 'https://'! Download (Current Version: 1.05)

New in v1.05:
[li] Fixed the whole goddamn thing from not working

New in v1.04:
[li] Fixed “Fire” Wire input always using a 2-4 second fuse.
[/li][li] Made cannons loadable from the tip to about halfway down the barrel.
[/li][li] Added the cannonball to the entities tab for easier spawning.
[/li][li] Added option to enable/disable music change (for use with my Contextual Music System).

First, the sbox commands:
sbox_maxcannons - How many cannons each player can have
sbox_maxcannonballs - How many cannon balls each player can have
sbox_cannons_adminonly - Can only admins use it?

To spawn a cannon, first take out the Cannons tool (found in the Construction category). Set up whatever values you want, and left-click to spawn your cannon. If you ever want to change the values on the cannon, you can update by left-clicking on it again.

Next, right-click on the ground to spawn a cannonball. To load the cannon, take the cannonball and place it in the tip of the cannon. After it’s finished loading, press use, wait for the fuse to go off, and watch the destruction.

Wire compatibility removed (very) temporarily.

A big thanks to BlackNecro for fixing up and re-compiling the CS:S cannon model for me, and to Goose, Ter13, Stichey, and Woot for helping me test this (a lot)

Wow this is awesome! It could go great with the Pirate Vikings and Knights model pack. One question; can the cannon size be edited? It looks like it might be a bit big for some “ships.”

The cannon itself? No. If you’re referring to the large “base,” that’s a separate prop. The cannon itself is just the barrel.

I’d be wary about putting this up on a server, it has minge written all over it.

It has admin only commmand.

Awesome sent!
Putting it live on my server in a minute.

Also where did you get those awesome looking building from in the pictures?

Indeed, that’s why there’s a command to specifically to limit it to admins.

More than anything this is something you’d use with your friends (or people you trust).


The house and windmill were built by Goose with custom props (which I don’t think we’re allowed to release, unfortunately).

This was quite possibly the most fun thing I’ve played with In GMod in literally months.

The idea is simplistic in and of itself, but it all goes together so seamlessly that I couldn’t help but giggle like a small child while I burned houses and windmills to the ground.

One word: Epic.

Not to be an ass or anything but when i installed it, just the cannonball shows up.
i can’t find the cannon tool gun in constructions ot anywhere.
help please

I just ran off a clean install of the addon and it seems to be working fine. Try redownloading?

Doesn’t work for me either.

I just realized, do you guys have wire?

If not, it’s probably a problem with my wire stuff that I need to fix.

I have wire.

Ha looks like fun!

Alright, are there any errors in your console then?

At this point I think it’s probably a conflicting addon. I just asked a few other people and it seems to work fine for them.

I definitely want to make it work for everyone.

The cannon shows up as an invisible error when i spawn it…And yes i do have Counter strike source installed.

No errors besides the usual ones i get.

Uploaded new version, changed a few things. See if it works for you guys now.

As soon as googlecode comes back from system maintenance, I’ll create an SVN for this (so I don’t have to reupload for small bugfixes like this)

It’s an error like that other guy got now. But yeah. SVN > Non SVN.

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for solidarity\cannon.mdl

It’s looking in the solidarity path?

That’s odd. Sorry for the hassle, but completely delete the addon and install the update. There is no reference to the solidarity directory in it.

…This was after i installed the update. I didn’t overwrite.