Cannot add new stools! HElp.

Hello m8s.
I cant add new stools. I know I have added them right, (In a folder in the addons folder. The info thing is there too.) but when I start the game and hold q, they wont show up! What have I done wrong? THIS IS THE REAL GMOD NOT A STANDALONE VERSION.

What addons did you try and install?

Wiremod. But I bet it’s like this for every stools.

EDIT: It’s only for the wiremod.

Did you download Wiremod via or via SVN?

If not through SVN, remove the Wiremod folder from addons, then go to to download it properly.

I made it trough SVN, took the 4 (with the lua folder) folders to the addons folder. info.txt included

You need to delete the folder called “wiremodCO”

And here are the proper installation instructions:

  • I did.

  • I did follow all the steps correctly.