Cannot add/remove collections!

When removing or adding something to a collection, after clicking the check box to add or remove something, and after hitting ok, going to the collection or hitting “add to collection” it shows no change
IE: After hitting add, closing and reopening the box to add it to collection, it doesn’t update

Try remaking the collection – it’s probably an issue with Steam updating the collection data.

It seems that it is all my collections


If you remade the collection, it should have nothing in it. Re-add all of the addons you want manually.

Just did, same effect. :frowning:

That makes no sense – did you change your workshop collection ID in the server to the new one?

Yea, its not the server wise, its just workshop overall. Tried it on mobile, steam program, google chrome, etc. Can’t add new workshop items

Contact Steam support; they might have a better idea.

Same for me …

Bumping this, issue is still not fixed. All my collections, friends collections, can’t be added to conventionally. Same with newly created collections.

Seems like the only method that works is subscribing to the addon yourself or favoriting it and adding it through the subscribed/favorites list, which is a pain in the ass. Does Steam even know this bug exists?