cannot adjust screen resolution for fullscreen after update

i can no longer change my resolution and am stuck at the highest setting which cripples my fps. i have no clue why this is happening i just know i was playing right before the update just fine, updated then no more fullscreen 1280 x 720 now i have to play on 1920 x 1080 or the screen is in a weird spot and i dont see all of it. can anybody help me fix this or explain what happend?

i have the same problem, the only resolution i can play is the highest - which lowers my fps -, anyone ?

i just created a thread on this , its annoying as hell , thank fully im not the only one , when you guys play can you access your inventory or chat , because that’s another problem about this. its just grays out when you press tab or “T” to type in chat.

dont play with directx it will make more problems