Cannot change player model (I know where to thats not what im asking)

Ive been dowloading shitloads of addons and when i get in-game i find that i cant change my playermodel even via console can anyone help me with this?

Thats one problem right there

Don’t be an ass.


  1. Playermodel changes don’t take effect until next respawn (in other words, suicide first)
  2. If you’re in multiplayer and change to a playermodel the server doesn’t have, the server will get confused and give you Kleiner instead.

Thanks, but ive been playing gmod for 2 months lol i think on the mods was bugged or a virus that got me stuck on the combine soldier player model, any help on how to get rid of the one that did this or how i can find it without much hassle

Are you in the sandbox gamemode?