Cannot connect? Ever?

My server never responds! I set it up fine on my VPS. I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t have a firewall blocking anything, I’m hosted a webserver for a test and it was fine!

Anyone got any ideas? It also says could not connect to steam servers, but that probably just means that it’s not VAC secure, which I don’t really care about…


If its homehosted check ur IP, it might of changed on you. If so put the new IP in the ports you opened. IF that fails. Idk srry.

It’s not homehosted. I’m still having this problem, now I’m 100% sure it’s the server due to ALL ports being forwarded on my VPS (according to my host).

Did you try using DMZ?

Let’s see your server.cfg file.

Ok, as a test I downloaded steam and used the TF2 dedicated server with garry’s mod files (downloaded in like 2 minutes at 4mbps ;D). But even that didn’t work. My server.cfg is fine, after I made my own, I decided to download one from my old server host (clanbaselive) but I’ll post it anyway I guess…

I’m starting to think the “Could not connect to steam servers” could have something to do with it, but if I wait about five minutes, sometimes it says “Connection to steam servers successful” and then " VAC secure mode activated" (yes with the spaces at the start - I like being specific). Anyway, I don’t want to use the steam version (which does the same thing anyway!) because this server is good enough to run about four servers on it which I’ll do after I get the one working ;(

So has anyone got any ideas what this could be? If I use telnet I get a response! So it is clearly a problem with SRCDS.