cannot connect? first time after 700+ hours

when i try to connect it just say- failed to connect - facepunch_connectot_missingimpletation something .

what do that even mean? i dont know whats missing :s

i have had some connection problems in the past, but thats jut becaose of the server i play on been ddos and restarts etc i think, but never this kind of error.

what do it mean,and what is it? i have been playing rust for a mont now, and logged over 700 hours, 310 hours these 2 past weeks lol, so i really love rust, so would love to be able to sort this out, so i can join my friends again :wink:

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oh now im suddenly able to connect again o.0

but i would still like to know what that error meant, so this thread still needs help :wink:

I’m not a dev, but I’m 90% sure the following explanation is at least mostly correct:

This error occurs when a VAC module can’t be loaded. This can happen if parts of Steam are down or suffering problems and can’t give your Rust client what it wants.

If you run into this error again, keep Rust open and wait 5-10 minutes and then try again. It’ll probably work.

There are also many threads about this problem, thanks for making yet another one instead of looking and reading.

Your game could be running ok but with only getting 26 hours sleep in a fortnight you are hallucinating

either that or you leave rust running when you go sleep. :slight_smile:

Hope you sort it

Awww… you almost made it right to the end without being abrasive and condescending.

Still, you’re making progress, right?

Try a little harder and keep drinking the camomile tea :slight_smile:

Yes, mum. Can you put the Clangers on while I have my tea?

The forum rules state to search instead of creating duplicate threads. He didn’t. The rules thread title tells you to read it before you post. I’ll be mildly condescending about this if I want to.

Also, OP, if you’ve been actively playing Rust for 21.7 hours a day, every single day, for the past two weeks, this is an intervention. You need to learn what it is to sleep normally again.

well i am new to facepunch, i dont even know how to navigate the forums, so i didnt know there was more threads like this one, so no reason to try and insult me.

i do leave rust on at nights sometimes, but mostly i only get like 5 hours a sleep per night.

but anyway,thanks for the responces guys :wink: thanks to everyone except the guy trying to insult me :stuck_out_tongue:

The Clangers are great!

Just saying…

i keep getting these failed to connect - facepunch_connectot_missingimpletation something errors.

whats going on lol, is it maybe cus i glitched in a door/gate?

try reinstalling steam, this happenes when vac gets bypassed by a cheat or a ingame program maybe a packet sniffer. screws thing up.

try running your comp on safe mode,

Do you like, not have a job? With only 5 hours sleep I would be falling asleep all the time!

My VAC Spider Sense is twitching.

I told you the problem happens when a VAC module can’t be loaded. Usually this happens to non-cheaters when Steam is having issues, which it’s been bad about for the past six months or so. If you’re cheating, well, you figure out what you’re doing wrong (like blocking VAC from being loaded).

No, I don’t care if you’re cheating and I don’t want to hear excuses or justifications. If you’re not cheating, good on you, this is a Steam technical issue.

Also, if you don’t know how to use the forum, it’s a good time to start. Lurk around and explore and spend a bit of time seeing how the forum works. Really. This is not a joke or insult, it’s straight advice.