Cannot connect to any rust servers

I connect, everything downloads fine then it starts connecting then it says “Failed X Time(s) Retrying in 10 seconds”.
Anyone have this problem/know the solution?

Yeah I think everybodys encountering this issue while trying to log on to the rust servers me and my mate can’t log on

Ok so its not only me?

work now?

works now

US 2 isn’t there

seems fixed on firefox, thanks garry and the rust team for staying ontop of this - xoxo

Yeah thats the exact same for me that picture, where are the servers?

EDIT: Still not working for me on firefox…

Does not work for firefox. I get the same as purple robot with it and then I went to Internet Explorer and it worked.

Looks like firefox is caching an old copy… try shift and f5.

Perfect now. Thanks Garry.