Cannot connect to any server. (Disconnected:<my name> Timed Out.)

Ok so my problem is that I can’t connect to any gmod server, selecting a server results in loading up normally but when it reaches Sending Client Info a box pops up and says Disconnected:<MY STEAM NAME>Timed Out. I have searched the web before this post and have found a couple fixes but none of these have worked.

List of what I tried:
-Reinstalling gmod
-Removed some add-ons (Got angry so just I have no add-ons now)
-Verifying game files
-tried lots of servers
-added gmod to anti-virus software

all of these is what I got off the top of my head I might have tried more…

First option:

Set HL2.exe to allow in the Firewall list

Second option:

Set your firewall to public

Sorry for being afk no idea if any one will read this but I aready tried that