Cannot connect to any servers!

Hey guys,
I load up Rust and right before its done, it freezes at the loading screen saying “waiting for player” or something like that. I cannot get on and I’m sad :frowning: any help/suggestions??

can anyone help me on this topic? admin? anyone? i have a mac and still havent been able to play 1 min of this greatly anticipated game. why can everyone else play but not me. i meet the recommended requirements for the game it just always freezes on “waiting on character”. HELP!

I also cannot connect to any servers at all. I get stuck at a grey screen with a green rust banner at the top right and ‘LOADING’ bottom-right.

I’ve tried restarting my pc, steam , changing to the dev build, etc and nothing works.

Any help?

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I fixed this problem, and I suspect this might help many others so here goes :

My problem was caused by bad UDP header checksums. This was because I had TCP Offloading enabled for my PC’s NIC. Disabling fixed the problem.

These steps work on Windows 8.1 but should basically be the same for 7 and 8.

You can do this by going to Control Panel, then to Network and Internet, then to Network Connections. Right-click your active connection, then click on properties. Then choose ‘configure’. Go to advanced, then look for IPv4 checksum offload. I changed this to disabled for everything and all of sudden my game connected.

This will probably increase CPU load on your machine, but I don’t know by how much - I will keep an eye on that.

This worked for me on my rig, obviously your mileage might vary.

I am having this same problem on Mac. I bought the game yesterday and haven’t played a single game yet. If I join the community servers the screen stops at “loading shared”. If I join the main servers it stops at “loading character”.

Go to the console(f1) and type net.connect

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Make sure your steam is updated as well as Rust updates have been completed.
restart your computer
open steam and rust
Try and connect to your favorite server.

I would plug my own server but people keep looking down on that :slight_smile: (your welcome to join mine by the way)

Same problem… im ungry