Cannot connect to [MCM] US 2 PVE

Hello guys,
I have a problem here.
I was playing on [MCM] us 2 PvE earlyer today when suddenly i was kicked out of the game for no reason.
When i wanted to reconnect it wouldnt let me and the loading screen seems to be stuck with a message saying: Connecting…

When i look at the console this is what i see:

> could not locate a IContextRequestable! – destroying self.(component)
> > net.connect
> Connection to
> Connection to serrver…
> Connection Failed!
> ConnectionFailed
> ulink got error: Connectionfailed
> Could not locate a Icontextrequestable! – destroying self.(component)

But every time i refresh the server i see a increase and drop in people who are on the server, also the server has a normal Ping which means that there are players currently online at that server, so why can’t i join anymore ?

When i use the cmd on my computer and ‘‘ping’’ other servers like the EU and UK servers i get a normal reply, but when i ping ( [mcm] us2 PvE ) there was no reply.

What seems to be the problem here ? Please reply, thank you!

Edit1: Before you ask, yes i can join other servers with no problem at all, so i am able to play but i want to play on a PvE server.

same problem :yarr:

Server Might be down, and this is a commen problem among other players, I don’t thinkt here is a fix yet tho

Well the increase and decrease of players currently on the server (right now) suggests that the server is still very much online. Also the ping increases and decreases over time from 250 to 350 with spikes to about 600 also meaning that the server is still online.

If the server is truly down, how come other players are able to join ?

It Might not be down, But this is a commen problem by players me and my brother got in on the same eu server, but my bud from us couldnt join, Might be because of the general area u live. Im not sure if its an Area block or something in that line, but when the hoster see’s ur post he might be able to explain more

Thanks for the reply. It could be the area i live in, im from the netherlands (holland) and H3X4G3N is from germany which is right next to holland.

but it still is strange that i was able to play with no problem about 1 hour ago. Hope garry and the hosters read this soon for a explanation.

I know the feeling, the PVP server was down and we had to find a backup mean while til it got back up (before wipe and steam migration) was an hacker which messed the server up, but we found another us one and joined that instead and it worked :stuck_out_tongue: I suggest u do the same:)

Please report it to :wink: