Cannot connect to servers!

Well the game was working early but now it just says Failed XX Time(s) – retrying in 10 secons.

(User was banned for this post ("read around before you make a thread" - postal))

Yeah, all the servers are down

This is happening to everyone, The servers are down.

It can be so that your router blocked the server port, but in this case I think the server’s are down

Does a new thread about this have to open every time the servers are down?

It doesn’t have to, but it will

It gets’s annoying but I assume it’s the newer players who don’t know that when they can’t connect the server(s) are offline.

Well someone will allways wounder whats wrong, so Expect threads like this.

And This forum is to help people.

Please stop making posts when the servers go down :suicide:
they know this and are working on it :eng101:

the servers i dont think are stable enough to have 200+ players on them at the one time

its issues with the server, not how many are on.