Cannot Create a game

Hey guy’s i seem to be having quite a dilemma with my game, Single player can work fine it starts up i can run around you know the deal. The problem arises when i click create multiplayer, it begins to load the data but about half way, it just goes back to the Gary s Mod menu any ideas on whats wrong?

My specs are - CPU Intel i7 2.8
Video card - HD Rad-eon 5770
Hard drive- 1TB
OS- Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
ram 8gig

P.S. It only happens when i try booting up the gamemode GMstranded

any idea’s guys. =[

Search other servers with other gamemodes, rather than GMstranded.

i can start other servers such as spacebuild, sandbox, and DarkRP but not GMstranded thats the only one that i can start a multiplayer game for.

i fixed it guys i just erased everything and did a fresh install of Gmod