Cannot create server

Hi guys, I’d like to create a server for me and a friend, but we can’t manage to do it.

I think I’ve port forwarded correctly but nothing, we also tried using hamachi but nothing, it’s always the same thing: if he tryes to join he gets and error message saying that the server is not available.

If he looks at the servers in the “Friend” tab the only thing he can see is a server with 0/0 players and 2000 latency. That should be my server, which, of course, doesn’t work.

We have been looking everywhere for an answer but we didn’t find anything at all.

Please, help 8(

Have you tried manually connecting via IP address?
Console command: connect IP:PORT

yes, we tried but still says impossible to connect.

It’s showing your Router IP/Local IP, not your real IP. Get your real IP address from and connect through that.

Ok thank you I will try that tomorrow.