Cannot create the new walls

Since the update, I can’t create the new wall anymore (Stone and Wood)… they just don’t build (I can select them but no blue and red drawing for spawning the wall) and when I try to build them (by clicking), my WASD does not work anymore… (W become right)

I have a Windows 10 computer with latest update

same here my controls work now though but i cant place those big wooden walls or stone ones

Same thing is happening with me.

My controls get screwed up after just 60 seconds of gameplay on ANY server, and I cannot place the walls.

These are both dealbreakers for me. Can’t play at all until the control issue is resolved - and I choose not to play if the walls aren’t working, because I FINALLY had a worth while tool to assist in base defenses. They became an integral part of my base planning, and without them, it’s just still too easy to raid.

Please fix, guys. :frowning:

Also…who the hell is going to ride a (flying) horse, when there’s gonna be cars? I hope some people do so I can just run them over. lol.

Same and FPS drops from 90 to 20 when trying to set.

Server owner here, also unable to place the New high walls, also make me walk/run only one direction once the wall is selected on my belt.


  • Wall preview does not appear and walls cannot be placed.
  • WASD (Movement Keys) lock to the directions they operated in from when the wall was selected.

To move normally again deselect the wall in your hotbar.