Cannot decompile this model?


So, I have this model from Fakefactories Cinematic Mod 2013 that I’ve been attempting to decompile for awhile now. I’ve had a few modeller friends look at it and they’ve said they had no idea. I’ve tried the IDST0 - IDST, - IDST. trick. None of these worked. It’s at IDST0 by default. It works fine ingame (Using Clockwork, if I set myself to that model it functions EXACTLY like a citizen model) which would imply it is on the skeleton, works fine. All I want to do is add the player animations to the QC then recompile it, however, whenever I try to decompile, it gets stuck on mdldecompiler_expressions.vta . Oddly enough, the male variant works just fine.

I’ve tried different compilers, IDST0 trick, decompiling different Female_0X files, but none of them work. Two other friends have tried it, too, and both had the same exact results. Would any modellers / tech savvy people mind looking at this file and seeing if they can figure it out? If someone could just tell me what’s causing it and how to fix it so I can decompile (and recompile), I’d be happy.

The Model:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

EDIT: By the way, I realize the file is ridiculously small. Winrar compressed it. (Just saying for all who are suspicious of any viruses)

EDIT Again: Fixing rotations and dumping old unweighted SMDs does not do anything… That and I should mention the breasts are (Stupidly) Jiggleboned (and look incredibly stupid >.>) and the ponytail is jiggleboned.

FF Models are heavily protected, you can’t decompile them. Sorry

D’aww. Male ones decompile fine, though.

Oh well, that kinda sucks. Though to be honest, I kind of figured that might have been the case. Thanks for the reply though!