Cannot deflate citizen feet without crashing

I discovered this a few minutes ago when i was deflating a citizen foot for my movie and it’s really bugging me as I’m making a scene where G-man rips the citizens’ leg off.
This is probably a glitch Garry needs to fix.

Doesn’t crash for me. Do you mean a ragdoll or NPC?

Also this thread belongs in Help & Support, but don’t bother making a new one. A mod will move it if they’re really bothered.


Yeah, it doesn’t crash for me.

Post your installed addons and PC specs.

Actually. It crashes when i deflate one limb until it gets “removed” and then try to deflate another limb until its “removed”

Addons list.


AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core at 3 GHz
Ati Radeon HD 5770 with 1 GB of Gddr5 memory
4 Gigs of ram
Win7 Ultimate 32 bit

no crash for me. i did it on a ragdoll and an npc. nothing. i even just made them floating heads. i tried on all the citizens, male and female.

lol who knows?
really good ram, 500 gb of hard drive, and win 7 64. the rest i forgot


Do people really have this many addons?

yes they need many guns to build forts and kill zombies

I have more…

I have no doubt that you do…

Clear out your addons.

dont listen. i have 97 addons in addon form, and 54 non addon format “addons”. it works fine for me so dont clear your addons, or, if you do, make a backup.

The less addons the faster you’ll load.

Yes, I’m curious about that as well. How long does it take to join a typical sandbox server?

for me? about 30 seconds to a minute. unless it needs a map i dont have. then itll take a few minutes

Its a bug, I suggest you download Cmasta’s dismemberment mod, its an addon that makes body parts shrink relative to the location where they were shot. (With 357.)

Its old and dated, not to mention unrealistic too, but seems like it would be handy in your situation.

This is not a valid solution.

^ Yeah. shrink to the point where the are invisible.

Why can’t people capitalize my M anymore…

^ Sorry.