Cannot do jump+crouch

So I recently got this new gaming keyboard for christmas which is an Alchemy Elixir keyboard and when I went to play garrysmod I found out that I could do jump+crouch properly. I go up to the obstacle I want to jump over and press space and ctrl to do the jump W to move forward but it seems that I jump but the crouch does nothing. So far I have tried -duck in the console and checking my binds and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

Could be a problem with the keyboard unfortunately, did you have this problem before?

Try to restart keyboard in-game on options.

Try crouchjumping onto the spawn platform in Flatgrass.

If it fails, then you’re right…

You should see if the keyboard’s wired to prevent that key combo from working, and/or the CTRL button’s broken.

Only program I can think of that working on is Frets on Fire (freeware Guitar Hero clone). It has a test keys function. Set one fret to Space and the other to CTRL, and use Test Keys.