Cannot download content from workshop.

Hey peeps. I’ve been having this problem lately and I have no clue what to do about it. Basically, I go to the addons tab on the main menu, I go to weapons, maps, etc. and no icons show up and I click on one to dl it and it sits there and does nothing for awhile then disappears, even files as small as 300+KB…I’ve tried re installing it and deleting the client reg.blob file and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

Could you send us yout Connection speed from Speedtest?

Have you given Steam access from the Windows Firewall and any other virus protecting software?

Run Steam as an administraitor?

Open the ports for Steam?

My connection speed is 37.85mbps down and 10.65 up. Yes yes and yes. Never had to forward ports before, it used to work just fine, it started doing this weeks ago out of the blue.