Cannot download custom server content

Hey guys, just joined as I’ve been having this problem all day.
It started when I tried to join a F2S Stronghold server but I couldn’t download any of the custom content that I needed. The progress bar wouldn’t move at all.

I thought it was just the server itself, but it’s not. I’ve tried Zombie Survival and DarkRP servers and I can’t download any of the custom content from those servers either

I’ve tried these methods:
Deleting the contents of the downloads folder
Validating files
Making sure that I’ve allowed my client to allow all custom server files
Changing download location to various different countries

None of these have worked. I’d appreciate all the help I can get, thanks :).

Download location has nothing to do from where you download server files. The download location setting in Steam only defines where you want to download files for the games themselves when you install a new game or a patch to the game.

Anyway, what is your download speed? Go to