Cannot find a few missing textures?

Hi! I’m a new addict to Garry’s Mod, and I’m having a few problems…

I recently purchased Counter Strike: Source purely for Garry’s Mod. I previously owned Half-Life 1, 2, Half-Life: Deathmatch and Portal. All are securely installed (Have been played, some finished), and I ran an integrity check on all of them to find no issues.

However, I am finding that I cannot see the Stunstick from Half-Life 2. I can hear it, it works, but I have a flashing ERROR sign over me. The same goes for the little laser mine from Half-Life: Deathmatch. The model is there, and it works flawlessly, only its coated in a lovely shade of pink and black checkerboard.

The same goes for a few wires and debris from GLaDoS’ boss fight. Massive, pink and black.

As I said, I legitimately own all the above games and have recently done an integrity check on all games + Garry’s Mod. Any assistance would be lovely, thank you!

Did you mount your games?

No, I did not. Excuse the dumb question, but if not mounting the game was the issue, wouldn’t more textures be missing? I’m only missing in reality, probably three to five.

Thank you for the response.

Edit: Like the tag said, these are all in steam anyway so, I don’t really see the purpose in mounting them. I may be missing the point entirely, however. Care to explain?

Just try reinstalling Gmod and all your games. I had an issue like this before, and that worked fine.

And mount them.

I still don’t see the purpose in mounting… I wouldn’t have everything else, I assume.

I simply don’t have the bandwidth to re-download all those games, it would take me several days, but I could do it in stages.

Thank you for the suggestions.