Cannot find .qc file anywhere?

Just as the title says used wallworm to export the model into a .smd and I dont know where to find the .qc for the model.It is the last thing I need so I may compile.

Did you tell WallWorm to automatically create a QC file for you when you exported your SMD?
If not, you would have to make a QC file manually and add all the commands to it yourself (which is probably a better choice, as you’ll have full freedom to add/remove commands).
A QC is simply a TXT file with the extension changed to QC, so you can open it up with any text editor.

Is there even an option for wallworm to create a QC I didnt see one?If I were to make a QC file how would I format it?

I haven’t made a QC with WallWorm before, but looking at the tools, it’s under “WallWorm > Wallworm Model Tools > WallWorm Model Tools”, and all the settings should be there.

Otherwise, you can look at this guide as to how create your own QC, and this page to see a list of possible QC commands to use in the QC.
Best of luck, mate.

ah ok thanks ^^

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Wait I have one more thing where do you get the .mdl file after your export the model into a .smd?