Cannot get Admin to work

Hi, as a recent topic says, I recently hired a clanbaselive server. But I simply cannot make it so I am admin. I figured I must be doing it wrong. I believe I have installed ASSPlugin and ULX. I have got the ASSplugin working so that when I press a binded button, it comes up with the menu but I can only seem to set buddies.

As a test, I tried setting the gravity to 100 by putting sv_gravity 100 into the console but it then said

so i figured it must be something to do with the users.txt in / Here is what it says so far:

Does anyone know what i have done wrong? Thanks in advance

EDIT: I have now deleted ASSplugin and ULX and it still doesn’t work

So what?? What do you mean by you “deleted ASSplugin and ULX”?

I recommend getting evolve, its a admin mod thats just as good as ULX is. But it has plugins that are fun to work with. Such a scale, ammo, stuff like that.

If not, what admin mod are you using right now?

I’ve been having trouble with that script as well… IDK why it’s not working.

So, you can’t use ULX, You cannot use Assmod, and you cannot use evolve?

To me that sounds like a messed up server. Try updating your HLDSupdatetool, refreshing server contents to see if they released any updates.

His server isnt messed up, her is a part of my ulx, see if you can get anything out of it.

//“garry” “STEAM_0:1:7099”
“killer” “STEAM_0:1:19039260”

just replace my name and steram ID with yours if you want the normal admins part jsut ask