Cannot get gamemodes to load properly.

Hey guys, I have never played Gmod before but heard good things and decided to try it out. After messing around in the sandbox for a bit I decided to expand my game a bit and add some gamemodes.

Problem is, none of them will work, most load the map but there is no objective or anything.

I get the following error when loading the game with any gamemode except the basic sandbox:

And while I assume that each gamemode is suppose to have its own special ‘Q’ menu I get the same one as I get in the sandbox along with the following error:

I used TortoiseSVN to download and extract all my mods and I’m pretty sure I did it all correct, here are my folders if it helps to make sure I have put everything where it is meant to be:

I have googled the errors to no avail so any help would be greatly appreciated, this game looks like it has awesome potential :smiley:

Edit: Apparently the [img] tags failed to load the pics, so jsut the URLs sorry.

Anyone have any ideas? Would love to get into this :smiley: