Cannot get sounds from TF2 anymore

As of the new tf2 halloween update GCFScape no longer allows me to access the sound files within the TF2 game cache. Not sure what I mean? Well say I wanted the sound clip of the cart exploding. Then it would display the error:

AppData\Local\Temp\cart_explode_trigger.wav (Error: Requested view (3805774056, 8192) does not fit inside mapping, (0, 102162664).)

Obviously I didn’t extract the whole sound folder like I should have but now that I’ve started actually making gmod vids this will be a problem. I have some sounds but they go no further than the scout and heavy update. The folders I’m looking for are: The new demo lines, the new soldier lines, the new engi lines and all the sound effects. If anyone can help me solve this problem or actually has any of these sound folders then please post.

Ps- I’ve tested it on other games and I can still extract sound files from them.

Maybe it’s a new GCF format? GCFScape is 4 years old. Also, make sure Steam is closed when extracting

Don’t suppose you know of any other things that can extract sound?