Cannot hear CS:S weapon sounds

Ok, the title basically says it all, I can see CS:S models fine but I cannot hear the sounds.

I would like to provide more information but I am not sure what else to give, I have looked in my console and there is nothing there to do with the problem.

Please post any suggestions you have!

Had this issue, I had to so a full reinstall of Garry’s Mod to fix it. If you go that route, make sure to turn off Steam Cloud Syncronization.

Sorry to be a little dumb but uhh, how do I do that? Also, how does one do a ‘full’ re-install? Would I just delete my Garry’s Mod folder?

Yes, delete it in common. And uncheck Steam cloud in Garry’s Mod properties in Steam.

i had the problem too, i reinstalled Garry’s Mod and now it works fine!