Cannot hear microphones in GMod

Hello, I’ve been playing GMod for the past few weeks. I’ve logged 3600+ hours and my microphone hearing was just perfectly fine. However, since the last few weeks I cannot seem to hear any microphones. Here’s what happens; The player who’s talking to me uses mic. I don’t hear anything, just his name flashes in the bottom right and never turns green, meaning no voice chat is recieved. Everyone else says that they can hear just fine, but my problem still remains. voice_enable 1 is on, and so are all the other gimmicks. I’ve gone as far as to verify my game cache, reset my downloads, and even do a complete reinstall- something that took days to do, and it still didn’t work. I would really like some help with this.

Here is a related video. This video was used for proof on the forum site of the server I play on, but as you can see in the bottom right the names flash but do not transmit any voices.


I sent a message to the support and they don’t know how to fix it for the moment … We will have to wait, sorry :confused: