Cannot join ANY Servers

As the title says, can’t join anything. When i double click to join servers, the game freezes frames for a a very small time then resumes, doesn’t join the server however. Tried connecting via IP also, doesn’t work. Re-installed game and registered steam cache files.

Anyone got a suggestion? The pisses me off, can’t play the game at all. Joining friends via steam doesn’t work also (don’t think it’s added in yet) but yea. Any help would be great :slight_smile:

I can only join a server about 1 in 15 times, most of the time it goes to the “Connecting” screen and sits, so I have to quit the game and try again.

Hah, i can’t even get to that. Literally does nothing.

Play in windowed mode and resize your window a bit, and then double click like mad just after it resizes. It has problems with registering clicks

Nah man, doesn’t work :confused: Thanks for the idea though.