Cannot join Rust cracked servers with legit copy

Well as the title states I can’t join a friend on a cracked server. I wanted to buy the game and support the devs but now I can’t play with them. I get an error saying something along the lines of no steam detected. Anyone else have this issue? I’d really like to play with them.

Wow, garry is so unfair. #Boycott

Just… just go fuck yourself. Seriously.


Sorry I should have clarified, I went and bought the game today. Not wanted to buy the game. Don’t hate, I love the game so far and can’t wait to see what it will become.

I’ve told the friends that haven’t bought the game to do so to also support them and a few have but not all.

Prove it. Show us your Steam profile.

Hate having to prove this to a hothead but here it is. I went out and bought a $20 card today that’s why I have 1 cent left. I love the game, I want to help support their development every step of the way.

Fair enough, I apologize for my earlier rudeness, there seems to be a cracked version out now. Tell me this, why would you want to join a cracked server? Just play legit.

You can’t seriously expect the devs to spend time making it so cracked users can play with normal users?

What would be the point of buying the game of devs started fixing issues for people who didn’t pay?

You’re kinda asking Facepunch to support piracy of its games seeing as the game is designed to prevent this kind of thing

It’s just because some friends haven’t bought it and they are the ones I usually play all my games with. There is a cracked version but I didn’t want any part of it. Plus I don’t know of any good servers to play on :frowning:

So why don’t they buy it too?

Well you are talking about pirated copies and cracked servers, that’s where the hate comes from. Seriously though, cracked stuff can’t play with legit stuff and vice versa. If the cracked copies could get into the steam servers we’d be even more overrun, there is a reason they have to play on shitty cracked servers. We’re glad you actually bought the game, but don’t expect to be able to play with your pirating buddies…

Pretty bad friends if you ask me. :v:

Some have, which I’m very happy about. But some haven’t, I’m trying to get them to do so. But since they got the cracked and played it they agreed that they do want to buy it. I nag them about it, and they really enjoy it. So soon I hope they all will. I’ve gotten 3 to buy it so far.

Personally I would just not spend hours trying to figure out how to play with them. I’d say that it’s their problem until they buy the game and support the developers.

Yeah, well I suppose I was wrong to ask. I just wanted to know honestly. I didn’t want my post misunderstood in any way. As I said I’m happy to support the devs. Thanks for all the responses though, the nice ones at least.

I apologized and meant it :v: I am not all asshole, only half-asshole.

I’m all for a nerfed demo so people can test it out before they buy it

Yeah, see that’s how I see it for my friends. Since some have bought it it’s obvious that they really enjoyed it. Try before you buy, but actually do buy it after.