Cannot LAN or create online games for Gmod

Hello I have had Gmod for a long time and my brother recently got Gmod. We wanted to do LAN but we can’t. I have tried so many things but the same thing keeps happening. When I create an Online Server, It takes me to the loading screen with the G and the bars go up for a bit then It takes me to the Menu without warning. With starting a LAN game, all it does is sit on “establishing connection with server” for around 5 min and then goes back to the menu without warning. I have tried so many things to fix this such as Port Fowarding, checked firewall, etc. I am fed up with it i have had enough. Does anyone know what to do? All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

BTW I can do Single Player Easily and Connect to other peoples games i just cant do anything with my brother. I know we could both just join someone elses game, but we have heaps of addons that we want to use.

Have you tried getting him to host?

And I don’t think you have to do all that port forwarding stuff for LAN games.

Yeah we both have tried. I did that Port Fowarding for Online Games , I’m still getting the problem. Ridiculous.

Try having him disconnect from the network then you start the game, open the server and then let him connect.

If that doesn’t work, both of you try verifying the Gmod cache.

I verified the game cache, with me being the one that had to download about 7730 files… Did that and I finally was able to create a game and my brother being able to join. I had some issues with the addons so I had to close it, copy some stuff, then reopen it. Then I got some message about some error, which i verified cache again which i had to download another 7730 files. Ill try it again, I might even just wipe it completley (whilst backing up Addons) and start fresh. Anyway I’ll update you in my progress. Thanks for your help!