Cannot Launch Gmod...

ok, started up gmod a couple of days ago and it just flashes the launching box thingo for like 1-2 seconds the fades away, no actual launch, no hl2.exe running in my regristry.
I think this happened to some other people on 28th of june,i get an error saying "setup file’gameinfo.txt’ doesn’t exist in subdirectory ‘hl2’.
Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting.

Someone help please…

Before anyone will help you I suggest you post a working link to your Steam Community profile, because we refuse to help pirates.

Click on mine. No games installed. I’m no pirate though, I deleted GMod a long time ago, but I can’t give up on FP.

We do not accept pirates here at Face Punch. Please buy Garry’s mod and delete this post. Thank you. [sp] Why was I acting like an admin?[/sp]

You can’t get gmod anywhere but steam stop trying

Why are all the steam profiles saying that they are not found?

Your profile doesn’t show games that you have installed, it shows the games you own, if I click on your profile and games you claim to be playing aren’t there, then you’re a pirate.

you know whats funny about this? i think your a pirate since that was fixed with a update.

wtf? im not a pirate i bought it on steam my steam is blahball33

EDIT:And i know it was fixed witha n update but for some reason steam hasnt updated in like 1 and a half months, and my gmod is NOT pirated, i need help to manually update gmod because steam wont update it!

Mine wont start too,they just wont believe.

I’m not a pirate. I’ve got an old disc with GTA San Andreas. I can install it and download MTA:SA and play online :). I have no other games, because since I got my PS2 I started swapping games for ringtones with friends because they can’t make one.

Guys he’s right! look at his page.

see!, now someone please help me so i can play gmod again!!!

Hmmm… sound like your steam is out of date and will not update. My friend had this happen to him.

Go to C:\Program Files\Steam and delete everything except steam.exe and the steamapps folder (make sure steam is not running when you are doing this).

It should update then. Try it… If not then, well I can’t help you.

Only suggestion is to re install steam completely.
Delete all those dirty Addons.
Or try deleting ClientRegistry.blob C:\program files\steam.
Delete Garrysmod and start it up again.

when i reinstall should i backup my working games? I don’t wanna have to download them all again.

By reinstall he means deleting everything but Steam.exe and the steamapps folder. This is the easier way to reinstall Steam without having to back up your games. If it doesn’t work, reinstalling normally won’t.

Well i deleted the files like been said and nothing changed.Time for a full cleanup i guess.

cleaning up process might include

  1. deleting all “local content” through steam interface
    this will uninstall all games registered on steam

after doing so the gfc files will still be present in your steam folder

  1. uninstall steam itself (back up your addons in gmod)

  2. manually delete the c:/ Program Files/ Steam
    this should clear up all game files stored

  3. reinstall steam

  4. re-login and install gmod and games

  5. put the addons back to the gmod folder

before doing so you might want to verify integrity of game cache…
sometime a minor missing file would be patched in the verification process

Well i just did a backup of hl2,ep1-2,garrysmod and such and then deleted the whole folder.Fresh install and gmod starts again!