Cannot launch Rust - keeps closing, keeps verifying files

Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can help me;

Played a few weeks ago and everything was fine (could run both legacy and now ‘default’ / exp. versions)

Now, every time I try to launch rust from steam, i get to the part of ‘LOADING BACKGROUND MENU’ (e.g after running self check etc etc) and then rust will just suddenly close. If i try to launch it again - it will go through a process of verifying files. but that doesnt fix it
Legacy works fine.

Stuff I’ve tried:

  1. Updated gfx/all drivers/restarted steam&pc etc
  2. Disabled antivirus (avast) and firewall
  3. Ran steam.exe in admin mode
  4. Run rustclient.exe in admin mode - interestingly I get the same problem but this time shows ‘Rustclient.exe has stopped working’ dialogue box
  5. Verified files;
  6. Uninstall and fresh reinstall
  7. Entered dev. branch - same problem, went back to normal mode, still same problem.

My specs:
i7 3.6 ghz, GTX 680, Windows 7.

Does anyone have any suggestions / help ?


please, can anyone help? :frowning:


i solved the problem. no thanks to fing facepunch or these forums,
by complete uninstallation of comodo firewall.
if that doesnt work, good luck to you, because facepunch doesnt give a flying f
and neither do these forums apparantly. take care.