Cannot require binary modules?

Hey mates,
I have been trying to require a module called “transmittools”, which exists on “garrysmod/lua/bin/gmsv_transmittools_win32.dll”, but when I try to do require(“transmittools”) the following happens:

When I never tried to require a Lua file in the first place…

gamemodes/█████████/gamemode/nwvar/nwvars.lua is basically this:

why did you censor the gamemode lmao

Well what’s the module


the module is outdated, as is the source code for it. you will need to edit it and recompile it to work with newer versions of gmod.

why did you censor the gamemode though seriously lmao

Because I am retarded
but mostly because I work with someone who wants to keep the gamemode as a surprise for whatever weird reason, so he doesn’t want me to even show the name.

LMAO this is gmodtower?