Cannot restore Gmod


Processor-Intel core 2 cpu 6320
Graphix Card-NIVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX
OS-Windows XP Media Center

Hi, I had been noticing a rather large increase in loading times for my Garrys Mod for sometime now, (No doubt to the 100s of addons I installed) So I decided to start off on a clean slate with no Addons.

I tried the Steam restore thing when you rename the file to get a fully restored version of the game, but an error message came up, saying that it was write-protected. I tried everything from deleting all the files but the ones that were also protected, from deleting it on Steam and redownloading it.

Nothing seems to work for me, any tips?

uninstall then reinstall.

On Steam? I tried that, didn’t seem to work

Stop using Vista.

Well, to deal with long loading times, I would suggest just defragmenting your drive a couple times. A large amount of addons can slow you down, but the problem is very much compounded if all of those addons are spread out in different places around your hard drive.


Uh sorry for not reading… To fix that, make sure you are logged in as an administrator.


Exporting can also decrease loading times: