Cannot see custom sprays

Processor: Intel Core 2 6600
Memory: 2044MB
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 4650 HD
OS: Xp Professional

The only addons to my game are those that I download when I get into the Noxiousnet Zombie Survival server.

For some reason I can’t see any custom sprays when I play Gmod multiplayer, only default ones (like the bullseye or the head humper). I can see custom sprays on Counterstrike, so I’m not really sure what the issue could be. I’ve deleted my local content a couple times now to see if that would help, but no dice :frowning: Any advice would be appreciated.

Turn your graphics all the way up. See if it works.

Nope, didn’t work :-/ Kinda surprised my game runs that well though haha. Thanks though

Bump! Someone please help! Still can’t see custom sprays, and the problem seems exclusive to garrysmod

Bump. Dang these forums are active… Sprays are half the fun in a camp fest like Zombie Survival! Plaese. Halp me :frowning:

There’s an option, allow custom sprays. Toggle that one on.

And stop double posting.

If I could get an answer that fixes my problem, I’d stop posting. Are you talking about the “Disable Sprays” option under multiplayer? Cause that isn’t the problem.

Bump. Sorry for dragging this out, but i can’t seem to find help anywhere. I deleted my whole steam folder last night, installed hl2, hl2 deathmatch, counterstrike, then GM. Got on a server and i still can’t see custom sprays. Any advice?

Did a complete system restore, installed every game i freakin own before installing Gmod, still can’t see custom sprays. Any advice from anyone?

BUMP! F*CKING BUMMMMP! DO IT YOU BITCH DO IT! I wish i could write it off as a hardware problem, but I can see custom sprays in other games like DoD:S and CSS :frowning: